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Internet marketing for Start-Up businesses



Using internet marketing can enable you to target very specific potential customers, meaning you save both time and money by focusing on the people that want and need your products/services.

Here’s some tips for start-up businesses looking to dabble in the world of internet marketing:

Get a website – it doesn’t have to be flashy in the early days, but it does need to have good content and easily found by search engines. Read our blog for advice on how to make your website more visible by Google and other search engines. It is important to choose the right keywords for PPC to work harder for you. The more specific you are with your keyword combinations, the more chance you have of getting the right customers come through.

Test Pay-Per-Click – before you sink your money into it, test! Pay-Per-Click (the adverts that appear down the side on search engine pages) can drain your resources if you are not careful. Put in a minimal limit and trial it for a few weeks. Keep a close eye on it daily. See which words perform best before you decide if it is working for you. If it isn’t, it may just need rewording.

Email campaigns – many free CRM systems have a very basic email template function that you can initially use to send out information to your customers. But, make sure you give customers the option to “opt out” of receiving emails from you so you don’t get a reputation for being a “spammer”.

E-newsletter – if you can write good articles then put an e-newsletter on your website. Getting people to subscribe will build up the amount of customer email addresses you collect. is a good site for basic, free email campaigns.

Use social networks Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – there is no escaping it! It’s free, you can communicate with your potential customers, and create a personality and online presence for your business. Twitter provide a good guide on how to use Twitter to boost your business:

Likewise, Facebook pages can also promote your business and you can create targeted ads only shown to those people that fit the criteria of your “perfect customer”. For more information on Facebook pages check out the following site:


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