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How to get the best from your outsourced Social Media team

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To keep your social media content really fresh and effective, your outsourced social media team requires input from you as the client too.  They need to know about you as a brand.

From the fantastic new services and products that you’re offering, to your company news, photographs, snippets of what goes on in the office and ‘behind the scenes’ on a daily basis.  These are the truly personal sort of updates that will set your business apart from the competition, and nobody knows your brand better than you do!

Regular input from our clients helps us to liven up and personalise their social media presence no end.  Your networks want to hear about more than just your services and prices.  They want to get to know the people behind the brand, to be able to personalise their experience with your company as this is what really builds a lasting and strong relationship.

This is a great reminder of how social media, marketing and PR are intrinsically linked, and why your social media efforts should always be an integral part of your over all PR strategy.  Your social media feeds are your business’s ‘face’ online, keeping them fresh and relevant helps to present a brand that is personal and engaged, which is only ever a good thing!

Regular input from you can also help your team ensure that your social media and PR strategies are integrated to the very best effect, for example if you have a new press release going out, it should be shared on facebook, linked to on Twitter and so on.

Above all else, fresh, interesting and uniquely ‘you’ content is also instantly more shareable, and therefore more valuable.  Perhaps you have office traditions you could invite your followers to join in with?  Something such as a #FridayFunny hashtag on twitter is a simple, but effective way to build engagement with your existing network, and to reach out to new followers too.

So be sure you keep in touch with those handling your social media and keep them up to date at all times!

If you need help with Social Media Management (we can do it all for you!), then please contact us.

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