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Emerald Frog Marketing: New logo, new business direction



**Important announcement!**

As you may have noticed, Emerald Frog Marketing has a new logo! But that’s not all that is new at Emerald Frog.

Over the past seven years Emerald Frog has been very active in the local business community – not only as members of Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce but also on a local level, as Vice Chair for the Ely Chamber. As a result of working very closely with small businesses and start-ups over the years, we’ve identified a need for a different type of marketing solution. Not all small businesses have the budget, or the need, for large (and sometimes over-priced) marketing agencies. We understand that there is a real need for affordable and flexible marketing support for SMEs.

This is where we are a bit different. Emerald Frog Marketing has restructured and taken a slight change of direction in line with market needs. We are not an agency and no longer offering in-house creative design with the associated overheads that brings with it. Instead we are focussing on a consultancy approach; using our strategic expertise to advise clients and working with a very talented team of local freelancers, including web developers, graphic designers and copywriters to deliver successful marketing projects and campaigns.

And so, Emerald Frog Marketing has developed three new marketing solutions: Marketing Manager, Marketing Mentor and Marketing Master. Whether you need hands-on marketing support, regular consultancy to do your marketing yourself with a bit of a steer, or some marketing training for your in-house team to save you money in the long run, our three new packages provide a broad range of choice.

We work on a flexible basis, for as long as you need us. We don’t lock clients into retainers or contracts and instead offer an affordable marketing solution in a cost effective way. We charge by the hour, project or day – whichever suits you. You can choose from a range of services: from strategic planning, social media management, copywriting and digital marketing to consultancy and workshops – depending on your budget and business needs.

And so, to ring the changes, Emerald Frog Marketing has a new logo. A frog, with an emerald. Simple really.


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